Ethical Stance & Sustainability

We have chosen to work only with companies who are members of the Fair Wear Foundation. This ensures that the makers of our garments are working in a safe and healthy environment, earn a living wage and have access to health care. Our partners also endeavour to use the most efficient machinery which uses the least water possible, during production. They also constantly strive to reduce CO2 emissions. Like us, they want to save our beautiful planet. By supporting manufacturers who treat their workers with respect and provide them with a good living, we are ensuring their children are clothed, fed and educated, so playing our part in the sustainability of their communities.

In addition to this we have chosen to only screen print our garments and to use water based inks, which are much more eco friendly than the alternative direct to garment printing. This means that our clothes should to be washed, inside out, at 30 degrees, line dried and only ironed if really necessary. Anyway, life’s too short for ironing, don’t you think?