About us

Hi, I am Braver than I knew! I am also Katrina, breast cancer survivor, wife and a mum of two sons. I’m guessing that you or someone close to you is also Braver than they knew and you’re curious to know what this is all about.

Katrina EmblingI started Braver than I knew in the summer of 2019, four years after my intensive treatments for breast cancer had finished. As many of you will know chemotherapy and radiotherapy are pretty gruelling and it is most definitely a rough path that you find yourself on. Gradually I began to feel better and life started to return to some form of normality. But something was missing. I wasn’t aware of what this was until chatting to a lady I had met back when my chemotherapy was coming to an end and she was just starting hers for bowel cancer. I had given her a card with the words; ’You are braver than you know & stronger than you think’, written on it. It was wonderful to bump into her again four years later and to hear that she too was getting back to living her life to the full. She told me she still looked at the card in her kitchen and wondered how she’d made it through. Then she said it: ‘I wish we could mark the end somehow’. That was it! That’s what was missing! Something to acknowledge just how tough it had been and to recognise our bravery in pushing through. We had both most definitely been braver than we could have imagined and we deserved some recognition for that. Braver than I knew was born.

I hope that whatever your personal struggle has been, or still is, that wearing a Braver than I knew item of clothing will help you to acknowledge just how far you’ve come and empower you to live your best life. If someone stops you and asks why or how you have been brave, please share your story if you feel able. We can learn so much from each other, our stories are powerful, and as we know, it’s good to talk. I talk more about the power of these types of conversation over on the blog. Hope to see you there.

With very best wishes,